• Jason Parker

COVID 19 delays principal photography

We would like to take a moment to inform all our backers of our progress so far. As it stands, we have shot about 2/5th of film, which is shaping up to be something really special!

However, following the recent events involving the COVID 19 virus, we have decided to postpone our planned shoots throughout April, May and June, with the intention of restarting again in July.

This is likely to have a knock-on effect on the film's release date, originally scheduled for February 2021. We will of course update all those who donated to the film's budget, and inform you of the new, proposed release date as soon as we are able. Please rest assure that all rewards will still be honoured, albeit at at a slightly later date.

We hope to get back on track as soon as it is sensible to do so, and very much look forward to sharing the results of everyone's hard work and effort on the big screen!

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