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Dear Diary

Dear diary…

Well, what a night! Saturday saw the culmination of two years of work by an incredibly talented group of cast and crew, who have given their all to make this dream a reality. The world premiere of The Suppression of Hannah Stevenson saw the glitz and glamour of Hollywood brought to the Everyman Theatre in Bristol, with everyone dressed up to the nines to celebrate this wonderful achievement.” Except for me? Wait! I composed the soundtrack?? The album with the soundtrack came out on the night of the premiere... and I was supposed to be there… in person… I was invited… what happened!?

Well, Covid restrictions happened. They stopped me from going to the UK to celebrate the premiere with all of the other fantastic people involved in the project. Something I had literally been dreaming of for months. Meh.

But, let’s try to cheer up a bit. After all, I am still going to the UK in September and I am still attending the online premiere. I will dress up and enjoy the night as much as I can in my room, together with my plants and pillows - plus, no high heels required, phew! I will also answer any questions anyone might have after watching, as far as the soundtrack is concerned, of course.

The album with the soundtrack is like my baby, or, actually, 23 new babies or tiny, fluffy, precious kittens. I was so scared to share it, but still, I was excited too!

For some reason this project was super difficult for me. I cannot tell you how many times I thought I would never finish it. Let alone how many sleepless nights I had to face to finally arrive at the final set of tracks. Yet, when it finally happened, my sleep came back and I felt really happy and moved and I actually enjoyed listening to the final set of pieces, all of which are now available for you to listen to, everywhere. Yes, EVERYWHERE. Bandcamp? The album is there, together with my first album. Spotify? Yes. Tidal – mhm! Amazon Music – yup! And aaaalllll of the other streaming platforms. So, help yourself to some wholesome, witchy sounds, straight from my heart and soul. Almost two years’ worth of work and emotions.

I’m super proud of the cast and crew. I know how difficult it is to actually DO something. To make a dream become reality. It takes a lot of strength and willpower and money and it is nerve wrecking. That’s why I am very happy for Jason and his team. Also, to whoever supported the project (or the people involved in it) – thank you!

I learnt so much while working on the soundtrack. It helped me develop my style and, in a way, it enabled me to look deeper into my soul and actually say ‘hi’ to the witchy, wilder version of me, which is usually hidden. I even got a back piece to remind me that she is there. I like her, and I like the tat :)

Ok, I guess that’s it for today, diary… ‘til next time.

eva ajbrin


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