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Pictures from Poland

Last week Tom Hogan and Hannah Rose - the stars of The Suppression of Hannah Stevenson - took to the streets of Kraków in Poland, to capture some of the film's opening scenes.

The first two days of shooting were mired by rain, and so I took the time to visit Eva Âjbrin, the film's musical composer and resident of the city.

It was great to catch up with Eva, because it allowed us to tinker with some musical motifs to be used in the film's soundtrack. After having a lot of back-and-forth meetings via Zoom, it was so nice to be able to actually 'jam' in the same room, and come with a few ideas together.

By day-three, the weather had cleared up, so we took to the streets in Kraków's Old Town, which, despite the complications of Covid-19, was alive with sight-seers and locals alike.

Due to budgetary constraints, we had to limit ourselves to the smallest of crews. But with the help of our local guide, Oliwia Kukuczka, we still managed to get everything we needed.

Now safely back home, and with just three more shoots ahead of us, we can reflect on the many challenges that principal photography has present us with, and how satisfying it has been to overcome those challenges and bring you a unique film that we hope you'll enjoy watching as much as we have enjoyed making.

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