• Jason Parker

The Camera Rolls On!

We are extremely grateful that, over the course of this week, we were able to get The Suppression of Hannah Stevenson back on track after months of postponements and uncertainty. Many of the cast from February’s shoot returned, including Tom Hogan, Hannah Rose, Edward Gist and Charlotte McEvoy. We also got to work with the talented Zuzana Spacirova for the first time, in addition to picking up where we left off with veteran actor Charlie Downes.

This week, we’ve also had the chance to shoot in some great locations including: Stone Paper Scissors - a local-arts gift shop in Bradford-on-Avon, Intimate Torment - Swindon’s finest purveyors of all things pink and kinky, and Wojtek The Bear - a family-run Polish grocery store in the heart of Bath.

On a personal level, I’d just like to extend my continuing gratitude to my fabulous cast and crew for all their hard work and dedication to a project that I can’t wait to share with you all - just a few more dates to go, and we’ll have successfully completed principal photography!

Jason Parker - Writer & Director

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