• Jason Parker

The Grand Finale

It's official. It's time to celebrate. The Soundtrack is finished.

Personally, we've lost count of how long Eva Ajbrin has been sitting at the piano, banging her head in frustration in time with the metronome, but today it all pays off.

It's amazing that Eva has managed to complete all the music for the film, especially when you consider The Suppression of Hannah Stevenson is her first feature. Not only that, the film also boasts an incredible amount of music, which plays over about 60 minutes of the film's 75-minute runtime.

Eva also had a helping hand from music producer Kokos at Grandma Enjoys Music, which is, indecently, one of the greatest studio names ever.

"I'm so proud of and thankful to Eva for all the works she's put into the film's soundtrack. It's been a fun collaboration spanning two countries, and I know the audience is going to be blown away when they here the music within the context of the film"

- Jason Parker (Director)

Now, all that's left to do is add Eva's score to the rest of the film's audio mix, which is what we're working on right now, along with the last of the colour-grading and a spot of ADR. Not only that, we hope to share the official trailer with you very soon, so stay connect for all the latest updates.

Photograph by Jakub Piotr Biernacki

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