• Jason Parker

The Stats

With post-production nearing its end, we take a moment to look back at how the production budget for ‘The Suppression of Hannah Stevenson’ was spent.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 70% of the film’s entire budget was spent on paying for the actors’ travel expenses and accommodation - with travel just trumping accommodation. This is because the cast and crew effectively gave up their time for free, in order to get the film made – a gesture for which we will be forever grateful.

It’s also interesting to note that Props, Costume/Hair/Makeup and Location Hire only adds up to 12.8% of the production budget, with everything else being spent ‘behind the camera’. And even then, only 3.9% of the budget was spent on camera equipment, which is a pleasant reminder that human beings are by far the most valuable resource we have when it comes to the filmmaking.

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